Qurbānī (Arabic: قربانى‎), Qurban, or uḍḥiyyah (أضحية) as referred to in Islamic law, is the sacrifice of a livestock animal during Eid al-Adha.


In Islamic law, udhiyyah would refer to the sacrifice of a specific animal, offered by a specific person, on specific days to seek God's pleasure and reward.


The word qurban appears thrice in the Quran: once in reference to animal sacrifice and twice referring to sacrifice in the general sense of any act which may bring one closer to God.


In contrast, dhabīḥah refers to normal Islamic slaughter outside the day of udhiyyah.



    Depending on the destination you have chosen, Qurban Pouches will be sent there through a reliable on ground partner.  You will then receive photage ( Video or Images ) of the distribution.  

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