Frequently asked questions

What is PouchQurban(pQ)?

POUCHQurban is a qurban program carried out professionally by a unit of Saahtain Group. We are NOT a charity. The extra value of this program is that it allows an easy transaction while being supported by an extensive network of manufacturer, supplier and NGOs around the globe to ensure all qurban animals will be delivered to those in need.

Since when has POUCHQurban (pQ) initiated?

Since its inception in 2014, Saahtain has consistently carried out the qurban program.

Why is the qurban distributed to areas of disaster and food insecurity internationally stricken by famine, poverty, natural disaster and humanitarian conflict?

Disasters have inflicted a terrible psychological burden on the surviving victims. Helping alleviate their burden has been one of the missions in the qurban program of Saahtain.

Who carries out the ACT GQ in other areas and countries abroad?

The implementation of the pQ program in other areas relies on the network of our NGO clients and partner spread all over the world from UK to Australia and from Turkey to Malaysia.

What kind of report will I receive to certify that the animal was slaughtered and that the meat was properly distributed?

A special report for the qurban buyers includes photos of qurban activity, sent via email notification. A PouchQurban 20XX report, each year of the program will be posted on the website and the networking site of PouchQurban.

When do I buy?

Buying opens all year round until the second day of Tasyrik or two days after Eid al Adha